The article titled Pedal Power Takes Off in the West, by Kent Acott is an informative and inspirational piece published on July 24, 2015. The author explains how Western Australia has developed into a cycling arena, backing up his allegation with reliable numbers to show an increase in the number of people in the state who consider it interesting riding a bike each week. From the article, it is evident that the number of West Australian residents who cycle each week is fairly above the national average. The essay takes a critical look at the evidence, reliability, persuasiveness, worldview, and propaganda techniques employed by the author in passing his message to the audience.


The main point of the article is that there is an increased number of people who are taking up cycling as a weekly activity in West Australia (Acott, 2015). The article also concludes that a greater percentage of the people who cycle engage in the activity for the purpose of recreation rather than transport. Lastly, the author also quotes that 67 percent of households in West Australia have access to at least one working bicycle (Acott, 2015). These observations indicate that the inception rate of bicycles in WA is increasing year after year steadily.


The article is interesting and authentic since the author backs up the major points with statistical data from previous research. For instance, to highlight the growing number of Australians that are taking up cycling as a recreational opportunity, the author outlines information from a survey that 1.1 million West Australians had ridden a bike in 2014, compared to 920,000 who had done so in 2013 (Acott, 2015). The article also uses authoritative sources to quantify the information concerning the increase in the number of people who are taking up cycling activities. For instance, the author collects information concerning the ongoing investment in the purchase of cycling facilities from Jeremey Murray, who is a chief executive for Bicycling WA (Acott, 2015). Jeremey is a credible source to provide information regarding cycling activities in WA. All the evidence used by the author to back up the argument are consistent and convincing. This is so since the statistical data used is authentic and the source used to quantify the information is also relevant.

Even though the source used in the argument is credible, the author would have used more professionals linked to the sports and recreational industry in WA to explain the benefits of cycling to work. Nonetheless, the claim provided by the author is sufficient to judge the validity of the theme of the article. The author also makes various assumptions in the article. First, he assumes that there is little or no adoption of the other means of transport since he does not provide statistical data to show why the bicycle is leading the charts. The author also overlooks the fact that some residents in WA could be cycling to work due to the high rate of poverty and their inability to afford the regular fare. The author has the worldview that most people in WA can access bicycles easily and engage in cycling for the purpose of recreation.


The aim of this critical analysis was to assess the evidence, reliability, persuasiveness, worldview, and propaganda techniques employed by Kent Acott, the author of the article. From the analysis, it is imperative to conclude that the article is interesting. The author uses various statistical data from surveys and seeks the comment of an authoritative source on the increasing number of businesses related to the cycling industry. The sources used in the article are credible, but the author could add a few more sources to make the information credible. You must read this article if you are interested in understanding the trends in the increasing number of people taking up cycling activities.




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