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Change is an inevitable process towards the growth and success of business. It is an essential process in today’s highly competitive and changing business environment. As a result, companies are striving to streamline their operations and growth through implementing changes to achieve the desired results. There is a need of […]

Principles of effective change management

Lease Accounting Lease accounting is one area that has attracted quite some controversy because of the potential for exploitation by companies. The classification of leases often proves difficult because lease indicators may not give similar implications. Finance leases give the lessee all the associated risks and rewards at inception. Any […]

Company accounting

Clinical Reasoning Cycle represents the cyclical and ongoing nature of clinical interventions in clinical practice and the importance of reflection and evaluation. It consists of eight main steps; consider the patient situation, collect information/cues, process information, identify issues/problems, establish goals, take action, evaluate outcomes, and reflect on new learning and […]

Clinical case study